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Walking Together at The Family of Faith (Stewardship)

The original Greek word for church simply means “a gathering”. While we certainly do gather as a church for worship, Bible study, prayer, service, evangelism, and fellowship, we also gather our resources to serve our Lord together. The resources our Lord has provided us include our God given talents, gifts, and abilities. For example, if a person has been given fine vocal abilities, then that person ought to consider offering those abilities in service to God in worship. At The Family of Faith there are many areas of service needed. A short list includes the following: the Board of Directors (gifts of administration); the Board of Elders and Telecare callers (the gift of spiritual wisdom); the Preschool Ministry Team (the gift of leading young children and their families in the Christian faith); the Program and Project Ministry Team (Bible study leaders, evangelism leaders, individual to organize fellowship events). There are indeed more such areas of service that are regularly needed at The Family.


In addition to responding to the Gospel of Jesus Christ with one’s skills and abilities, members of The Family of Faith also are called by God to respond to the Gospel with their financial gifts and tithes. While all gifts are received with thanksgiving, the most efficient way to give to the Lord is the Electronic Fund Transfer. In order to give via an EFT please contact Kim Watkins, the Business Manager, at 281-855-2950, or Of course, if you feel called to give an offering immediately, you may do so by going to the donate button on this webpage. Thank you for your generosity.