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How to Become a Member of The Family of Faith Lutheran Church

The Family of Faith Lutheran Church practices congregational polity. Therefore, The Family invites guests to consider becoming members of the congregation. As a member of The Family of Faith, the congregation enters a formal relationship with the individual. This relationship includes a promise to mutually support each other in our common walk of faith. There are three main ways to become a member: one, transfer one’s membership from another Lutheran Church  – Missouri Synod congregation; two, meet with the pastor and affirm that one’s Christian faith is still active; and three, take confirmation. There are two forms of confirmation: junior and adult. Junior Confirmation is a two year process. Youth in seventh grade study foundational Bible readings from the Old and New Testament. In eighth grade, Pastor Doug leads the youth in a study of Martin Luther’s book, the Small Catechism. Adult Confirmation includes a combination of resources: one, the student is to review the Basic Teaching videos found on this website (hyperlink to Basic Teachings page); two, the student is to meet with the pastor to review the video instruction. For the adult confirmand, Pastor Doug, and the candidate for membership, will agree to a individualized course of instruction.  In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.