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Holy Baptism

Baptism is understood to be a Means of Grace at The Family of Faith. As a Means of Grace, Holy Baptism promises to provide the baptized with numerous gifts: the forgiveness of sins, the Holy Spirit, saving faith, and the certain hope of eternal life in heaven (Acts 2:37-39). In Holy Scripture, the resurrected Christ directed the church to make disciples of ALL nations (Matthew 28:19). Therefore, in obedience to the teaching of Christ Jesus, we baptize persons of ALL ages. For infants, and little children, Pastor Doug asks the parents to make one appointment for the purpose of reviewing Scripture regarding the blessings of baptism, as well as prayer, and preparation for the Rite of Holy Baptism. For older candidates for baptism, Pastor Doug would invite the candidate to join him for a course of instruction (See How to Become a Member). In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.