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Care at Life’s End and Christian Funerals

We are but mortal. Death is a consequence of sin. However, our Lord Jesus Christ has defeated sin, death, and the devil, by living a perfect life for us, by dying a sacrificial death for us, and by rising victoriously from the dead for us. As Christians, we, therefore, approach the grief caused by death with the comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are no pills, no injections, no surgeries that can remove the weight of grief from our hearts. However, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can provide us with the comfort our hearts need. The process of preparing to enter the glories of heaven through death is a lifelong process. Regular worship, Bible study, and prayer are needed to properly prepare to pass through the gates of death and into eternal life in heaven by the grace of God found alone in Christ Jesus. If possible, the pastor ought to be contacted as soon as death appears to be near. The pastor will bring Holy Communion to the person who is near death. Prayer, the reading of Holy Scripture, and Confession and Absolution will be offered. For those to whom such pastoral care has been provided, a Christian funeral service may be held in the sanctuary at The Family of Faith Lutheran Church. In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.


​In addition to the above noted traditional pastoral care services, The Family of Faith Lutheran Church also offers a Bible study that is specifically designed to help individuals address their grief issues. This Bible study is called Grief Share. To learn more about the Grief Share please visit