Preschool Paintings

How might a church show that the families and children in its care that God loves them so very much?  A congregation could pray for these families and children. It could invite and encourage them to join in regular worship. It could also decorate its building with inspiring art work.

In the past, our member, David Mann, has produced wonderful photographs that are presented in the sanctuary during various seasons of the Church Year. Other artists from within the congregation have painted inspiring works which also are placed on display in support of the worship life of the congregation.

Most recently, the art collection at The Family of Faith has expanded. Recently, The Family of Faith – Miramesa, received several custom-made paintings to decorate the preschool rooms at the new location. These paintings are intended to correspond to the themes which in turn correspond to age groups and rooms. For example, a painting of Joseph and his multi-colored coat hangs in the room with the theme of the “Dreamers”.  The Bible teaches us that Joseph was gifted by God with the ability to interpret dreams in addition to having his own inspired dreams.

Look at these fine paintings. Which one would you choose for your theme painting? Would you pick Joseph the dreamer? Or Jonah on his missionary trip? Or the wise Magi as they visit the infant Christ? Whatever your choice might be, we pray that the Lord will inspire you and your family to live a beautiful life in the name, and for the sake, of Jesus.

– Pastor Doug




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