Doug Krengel

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. We believe that God has prepared a blessing for you and your family here at The Family of Faith Lutheran Church. My wife, Amy, and I have been married 30 years. God has blessed us with two children (now grown and married). We enjoyed raising our family in the love of the Lord.  It is our hope to continue to share that joy with the families in our community and beyond. As you swipe through this site, we hope to show you examples of how The Family of Faith Lutheran Church can partner with you as you raise your family. The Family of Faith Preschool, the before and after school care, the Youth Group, the Bible studies and service activities are just a few of the opportunities offered at our church home. If I may assist you further, please feel free to contact me directly at, or Again, welcome to the family, The Family of Faith.


Leadership at the Family of Faith is considered a fruit of the Spirit (Romans 12:8). This fruit of the Spirit is given by God to both professional church workers and volunteers. Therefore, the leadership of our congregation combines the skills and abilities of both paid and non-paid church workers. Three kinds of leadership groups make up our leadership team:  One, the administrative leadership; two, the Ministry Teams; and three, the elders.

Pastoral Care

We do not live in a perfect world. There are times in our walk with Christ that we just need to talk with someone in strict confidence. At The Family of Faith Lutheran Church, the pastor has 26 years of experience with just such confidential conversations. While clinical psychological counsel is often helpful, it is focused on how a person relates to his/her self. In contrast, pastoral care is focused on how a person relates to the one, true, and triune God. Such care is what Peter wrote about in his first letter, saying, "Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5:6-7). In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.

Weddings and Pastoral Care for Marriage

The gift of marriage was created by God for the welfare of the husband and the wife. In the beginning of the Bible we read about the final act of creation on the sixth day: "Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). While God did create the sky, the earth, the sea, the land, the plants, the animals, and human kind, his final creation was an institution - Holy Matrimony.   When a man and a woman are called into the vocations of husband and wife, they are invited to meet with the pastor to prepare for the Rite of Holy Matrimony, and more importantly, for a lifetime of marital love and fidelity. While the study of Scripture, and prayer, are essential to such preparations, the Prepare/Enrich process is also used by the pastor to help the couple become more aware of the strengths and growth areas in their relationship. To learn more about the Prepare/Enrich process please visit   At The Family of Faith Lutheran Church, we hold marriage as a sacred estate. However, we also confess that we are all sinful. Because of sin, marital unity can be strained. In such a circumstance, a married couple may choose to meet with the pastor in private to discuss such strain, to pray, to read Scripture, and to confess sin, and receive forgiveness for such sin. In addition to such traditional pastor care methods, the Prepare/Enrich process may referred to as a means of enriching an existing marriage. In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.

Care at Life’s End and Christian Funerals

We are but mortal. Death is a consequence of sin. However, our Lord Jesus Christ has defeated sin, death, and the devil, by living a perfect life for us, by dying a sacrificial death for us, and by rising victoriously from the dead for us. As Christians, we, therefore, approach the grief caused by death with the comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are no pills, no injections, no surgeries that can remove the weight of grief from our hearts. However, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can provide us with the comfort our hearts need. The process of preparing to enter the glories of heaven through death is a lifelong process. Regular worship, Bible study, and prayer are needed to properly prepare to pass through the gates of death and into eternal life in heaven by the grace of God found alone in Christ Jesus. If possible, the pastor ought to be contacted as soon as death appears to be near. The pastor will bring Holy Communion to the person who is near death. Prayer, the reading of Holy Scripture, and Confession and Absolution will be offered. For those to whom such pastoral care has been provided, a Christian funeral service may be held in the sanctuary at The Family of Faith Lutheran Church. In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.   ​In addition to the above noted traditional pastoral care services, The Family of Faith Lutheran Church also offers a Bible study that is specifically designed to help individuals address their grief issues. This Bible study is called Grief Share. To learn more about the Grief Share please visit

Recommended Christian Counselors

While tradition pastoral care does provide the wisdom of the Lord, and the healing power of the Holy Spirit, there are times when additional services are needed. Mental and emotional health are important to the Lord, as are physical and spiritual health. ​Pastor Doug has thoroughly reviewed the services rendered by the Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers (hyperlink to For more information please visit ((hyperlink to, or call 713-626-7990. Numerous psychological specializations are available at the Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers by licensed counselors.

How to Become a Member of The Family of Faith Lutheran Church

The Family of Faith Lutheran Church practices congregational polity. Therefore, The Family invites guests to consider becoming members of the congregation. As a member of The Family of Faith, the congregation enters a formal relationship with the individual. This relationship includes a promise to mutually support each other in our common walk of faith. There are three main ways to become a member: one, transfer one's membership from another Lutheran Church  - Missouri Synod congregation; two, meet with the pastor and affirm that one's Christian faith is still active; and three, take confirmation. There are two forms of confirmation: junior and adult. Junior Confirmation is a two year process. Youth in seventh grade study foundational Bible readings from the Old and New Testament. In eighth grade, Pastor Doug leads the youth in a study of Martin Luther's book, the Small Catechism. Adult Confirmation includes a combination of resources: one, the student is to review the Basic Teaching videos found on this website (hyperlink to Basic Teachings page); two, the student is to meet with the pastor to review the video instruction. For the adult confirmand, Pastor Doug, and the candidate for membership, will agree to a individualized course of instruction.  In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.

Holy Baptism

Baptism is understood to be a Means of Grace at The Family of Faith. As a Means of Grace, Holy Baptism promises to provide the baptized with numerous gifts: the forgiveness of sins, the Holy Spirit, saving faith, and the certain hope of eternal life in heaven (Acts 2:37-39). In Holy Scripture, the resurrected Christ directed the church to make disciples of ALL nations (Matthew 28:19). Therefore, in obedience to the teaching of Christ Jesus, we baptize persons of ALL ages. For infants, and little children, Pastor Doug asks the parents to make one appointment for the purpose of reviewing Scripture regarding the blessings of baptism, as well as prayer, and preparation for the Rite of Holy Baptism. For older candidates for baptism, Pastor Doug would invite the candidate to join him for a course of instruction (See How to Become a Member). In order to make an appointment for such pastoral care, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.

Walking Together at The Family of Faith (Stewardship)

The original Greek word for church simply means "a gathering". While we certainly do gather as a church for worship, Bible study, prayer, service, evangelism, and fellowship, we also gather our resources to serve our Lord together. The resources our Lord has provided us include our God given talents, gifts, and abilities. For example, if a person has been given fine vocal abilities, then that person ought to consider offering those abilities in service to God in worship. At The Family of Faith there are many areas of service needed. A short list includes the following: the Board of Directors (gifts of administration); the Board of Elders and Telecare callers (the gift of spiritual wisdom); the Preschool Ministry Team (the gift of leading young children and their families in the Christian faith); the Program and Project Ministry Team (Bible study leaders, evangelism leaders, individual to organize fellowship events). There are indeed more such areas of service that are regularly needed at The Family.   In addition to responding to the Gospel of Jesus Christ with one's skills and abilities, members of The Family of Faith also are called by God to respond to the Gospel with their financial gifts and tithes. While all gifts are received with thanksgiving, the most efficient way to give to the Lord is the Electronic Fund Transfer. In order to give via an EFT please contact Kim Watkins, the Business Manager, at 281-855-2950, or Of course, if you feel called to give an offering immediately, you may do so by going to the donate button on this webpage. Thank you for your generosity.

Prayer Team

At The Family of Faith Lutheran Church, all believers are understood to be priests (1 Peter 2:5). As priests, the believer in Christ has the privilege of prayer. While private prayers are most appreciate, The Family of Faith organizes those willing to prayer into a Prayer Team. The Prayer Team is a group of individuals who sign-up to receive an electronic prayer list each week. When the individual receives this list, she/he is then to offer their prayers to God. This listed also informs the prayers offered from the altar at the Sunday worship services.  In order to join the Prayer Team, or to present a prayer request, please email Pastor Doug at, or call the church office at 281-855-2950.