Welcome to The Family of Faith Cross Training Martial Arts

Our training is family-focused and open to all ages. Visitors are always welcome to come by and experience the program for themselves. Check the chart below to find the best time for your visit. For more information please contact Pastor Wong at (832) 577-0873.

Our program seeks…

-to build true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body

-to build a strong and happy community

-to keep friendship with one another

-to never fight to achieve selfish ends, but to develop MIGHT FOR RIGHT!


Levels of Progression

In order to progress to the next belt level, students must earn six stripes on their current belt. The stripe system was developed to help make sure the student succeeds not just in karate, but also at home, school, and in their professional life. Stripes are a great way to build self-esteem as well as a positive attitude.


Curriculum Stripes

At each belt, this helps motivate the student to learn their curriculum. It also helps the instructor know which areas the student may need help in.


Black Stripe # 1 – Technical kicks and combinations

Black Stripe # 2 – Forms

Black Stripe # 3 – Sparring or sparring Drills


Personal Development Stripes

Red Stripe (Attitude) – This is a class attitude stripe. The instructor will give a student this stripe when they show great attitude in class or significant improvement in a certain skill.


White Stripe – Adult (Goal Setting) / Student (Academic) – This stripe is given when an adult turns in a “Goal Sheet.” At times, the difference between whether a goal is accomplished or not can be as simple as writing it down. The goals can be anything that help improve your life. Anything from cleaning a certain room to setting professional goals. Younger students are to bring their latest report card or progress report.


Blue Stripe – Adult (Physical) / Student (Home) – The physical stripe is given at the instructor’s discretion. As long as a student shows physical improvement in class, he/she will be rewarded a stripe. The home stripe is intended for the younger students to make sure their attitude at home is excellent. A note is needed for the home stripe.


After a student has received all 6 stripes (3 black and 1 each red, white, & blue) and completed the minimum number of classes, he/she is ready for a new belt.

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