Worship at our Copperfield Site.

Our faith family is gathered by God around the Word and the Sacraments every Sunday at 9:30am at our Copperfield site. Our Praise Team leads us in singing contemporary worship songs. There is a special Activity Center for young children in the sanctuary itself. In addition, a special playroom is appended to the worship space. Each worship service includes a Children’s Message. Pastor Doug regularly uses his extensive puppet collection as part of these messages. After the Children’s Message, children may attend Children’s Church. When participating in Children Church, a child leaves the sanctuary with a volunteer teacher who shares the truth of the Gospel in a child-friendly manner. The children return to their parents before the last praise song. While the children attend Children’s Church, those remaining in the sanctuary receive a weekly message from Pastor Doug. These messages are highly illustrated on the screen in the front of the sanctuary. The goal of the message is to balance respect for the ancient text while apply the Bible’s wisdom to the modern world. All of this occurs in an hour’s time. Casual and comfortable is the style of dress.

Church Activities


Learn more about what your children will encounter at The Family of Faith.  Your children can be part of Children’s Church, Cross Training Karate, Vacation Bible School, and So Much More!


Check out what is waiting for your youth at The Family of Faith.  Youth can connect during Sunday morning Bible Study, Second Sunday Events, Friday Movie Nights, Service Events, and Retreats, just to name a few.


Discover what you will experience The Family of Faith. You can join us for Bible Study on Sunday and Wednesday mornings, and Sunday nights.  You can also connect with GriefShare, as well as other specific ministry and fun options

Who We Are

The Family of Faith is a place to call ‘home’ for people gathering in Christ, celebrating in worship, reaching out in love, extending God’s forever kingdom. We are a faith community gathered by God through Holy Baptism. Therefore, we celebrate our life together now, and our future life together in heaven.  This ongoing celebration takes on several forms:

Gospel Centered Worship

We believe that Jesus Christ lived a perfect life for us, died a sacrificial death for us, and rose victoriously over sin, death, and the devil for us. In response to this Good News, we thank and praise our Lord with prayers, and songs, and sermons, and dramas, and puppet skits, and banners, and with all the creativity with which the Lord has supplied us. See the media section of this web-page for the most recent recordings of the family worshiping together.

Service to the Community

The Scripture clearly teaches that we are primarily present on earth to serve others. Jesus demonstrated this to his disciples by washing their feet the night he was betrayed unto death on the cross.

Bible Study

The Family of Faith believes that the Bible is the very word of God. In other words, we believe that the one, true, and triune God speaks to us today through the 66 books the Holy Spirit inspired men and women to write and speak in history. Therefore, when we want to listen to God, we open the Bible and read. See the ministries tab to review the numerous opportunities now available.

Honoring Family as God’s Primary Small Group

The Bible teaches us that the Lord created families. The role of husband and wife, father, mother, child, sister, brother, all were intended by God to be a blessing to individual souls. Therefore, we go out of our way to keep families (of all types) together in worship, Bible Study, and service to the community.

Our Church

We are One Christian Congregation with two sites, each with their own preschool to serve our community.

The Family of Faith is a place to call ‘home’ for people gathering in Christ, celebrating in worship, reaching out in love, extending God’s forever.

The Family of Faith Lutheran Church aspires to serve the people of Northwest Houston by presenting the Gospel in three distinct and very intentional ways:

God generously provides us with talents, gifts, time, and treasure. In response to the Lord’s generous provision for us, we give generously to honor our Savior and serve our neighbor.

The Lord has provided us His inerrant, inspired Word. The Word is used by God to create and sustain the miracle of faith in human hearts.  Therefore, it is of central importance that we continue to study the Scriptures regularly.

At the Family worship is primarily what God gives to us. The Lord provides us His name, and we respond with acts of thanksgiving. The Savior gives us free forgiveness, and we respond with lives of praise. God teaches us in His Word, and we respond in prayer.

In addition to responding the Lord in worship, we also react to God’s grace in Christ Jesus by sharing Christ with others. The first step to sharing Christ is to first receive Christ oneself. Next, the Christian looks and listens for the unique opportunities God provides each baptized believer.  Finally, the Holy Spirit leads the Christian to boldly and lovingly share her faith.

God is just. There are many in our community, and beyond, that are in need of physical support such as food and clothing. The Family of Faith sponsors a small food pantry, gathers lightly used clothes, and cooperates with other human care agencies to assist our neighbors.

We at the Family enjoy people. Whether it is sharing a meal, gathering for a picnic, or attending a ball game together, the joy of the Lord goes with us.


Based upon the teachings of the Bible, we are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all age groups.  It is our firm belief that the family is one of God’s chosen instruments for sharing the Good News.  One of the strongest ways to advocate for living the Christian life is for a child to share the activity of worship with her parent.


Based upon the teachings of Holy Scripture, we are dedicated to sharing the message of salvation with “all nations” (Matthew 28:19).  The school districts that serve Northwest Houston provide education to people who speak over one hundred different languages.  God intends all of these people to know that He loves them.


Because our the population in our community is growing so rapidly, the Lord has made it clear to us that we are to offer the Gospel of salvation in more than one location.  Therefore, each Sunday we offer worship at 10 a.m. in Copperfield.

In addition to addressing the three-multis, we also are dedicated to providing the six functions of the church to all participants.  The six functions of the church are listed here: